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Mu Online project GlobalMu is opening maximum experience style server x99999 at 23. February!
If you are a fan of easy servers this might be just for you! Want to PVP 24/7? This server is for you! On new global x9999 server
everything is easy, 20 points per level, maximum experience (9999999 experience), +15 excellent sets in shops, jewels, wings,
on NPC, boxes that drops +15. New items on NPC, free RUUD just kill special mobs. Boss spots, like kundun spot,and others.
High ancient drops on all maps.


Server Stats and info!
Exp normal: x999999
Master exp: x999999

Soul + luck 100%, Without 100%
Life: 100%
Resets: from 400lvl *0 zen, Stats burns, Stats stays!
Reset reward: 10 Credits!
Grand reset: 150Resets, Stats stays, Resets burns, Bonus: 3000 Credits

Spots: All maps ~10 mobs, Press TAB to see on mini-map. Easy reset on less than 5 minutes!
Kundun Spot in Devias exit and Arena.
Medals drops: RUUD 10000-20000
Cherry boxes drops zen!

Mu Online Guild create lvl: 250, Min request for alliance 10 members, max alliances 3
Post commands: /post 100k 400LVL, /gpost 100k 400lvl
Create all characters from 1 1vl (create DK, SM, or ELF to get access to others)
VIP: Access to arena with more bosses, +15 mix 100% success!


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What will be the best mmorpg games of 2018?

I believe it's presumably sheltered to state that the enormous discharges for MMOs in 2017 have gone back and forth. Unless Blizzard stuns the world and mystically puts out a development to WoW as an unexpected Christmas present, we're as of now anticipating 2018. So lash on your buildup belts, and load up the buildup prepare, as it's an ideal opportunity to anticipate 2018 and trust it's far, far superior than 2017. This is our rundown of the 10 Most Wanted MMOs of 2018.

For this article, we will concentrate on not just the diversions we hope to dispatch in 2018, yet in addition recreations we hope to enter some type of early access, open beta, and amusements we hope to see extensions from. All things considered, it's normal now for a beta to be dealt with as a discharge, and significantly more typical for a veteran MMO to have a stellar extension that gets everybody playing once more. All things considered, it's amorphous whether the following FFXIV extension will be in 2018 or in 2019, so we exited that off until further notice. Would it be able to hit for Christmas one year from now? Potentially! Think about this present it's respectable specify, however now, read on.

Project W

While it's still totally an obscure, we expect incredible things from Kakao Games and Bluehole Studio. TERA, right up 'til the present time, is outstanding amongst other F2P conventional themepark MMOs available. We're trusting that Project W not just presents the lovely visuals the studio is known for, yet some obvious profundity to its frameworks past the stellar battle that is normal. What amount has Bluehole found out about making a MMORPG in the years since TERA's dispatch? We'll discover soon as it's uncovered at G-STAR one month from now.

BLESS Online

We're restless about this title. To state it's been a rough begin for BLESS' abroad dispatch would be putting it mildly. While outwardly exquisite, its specialized obstacles have influenced Neowiz' to diversion a flat out bear to get balance. In 2018, it at long last comes west being distributed by Neowiz themselves. Will it reasonable better here, or will it be a diversion better left off Western shores?

New World

Divine beings, regardless we don't know quite a bit of anything about New World. Yet, we do anticipate that 2018 will change that. While it's questionable what kind of discharge window Amazon's eager MMORPG will have, we're everything except sure that we'll be taking in significantly more in 2018. The Western MMO is gradually developing for a resurgence, given the best four diversions on this rundown, and you can wager that the AAA cash behind Amazon will need a bit of that pie.


Chronicles of Elyria

COE is unquestionably up there in all the new MMOs being made, however we ponder exactly how far away it really is from discharging or hitting a largescale beta. So, its encouraging has been promising, and the studio's on focus for the voxel-driven "test" variant called VoxElyria in the early piece of 2018. Its purpose is to test the frameworks and MMO parts of Chronicles of Elyria while the group plans the higher loyalty world for full dispatch. How that plays out should disclose to us exactly how plausible Soulbound's aspiring plans truly are.

Elder scrolls online: Next Chapter

This year, Zenimax Online Studios focused on another Chapter DLC consistently for Elder Scrolls Online. With the reported dispatch of Clockwork City finish, we're as of now anticipating 2018 and what it could convey to Tamriel. Most are anticipating that it'll convey us to the Summerset Isles, and a story concentrated on the Altmer. In short? We truly trust so. While less dazzling than coming back to Morrowind, Summerset has the kind of political and social interest that could make an incredible development.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

It's coming, people. An arrival to gather driven investigation, questing, and dungeoneering. Visionary Realms and Brad McQuaid are taking a moment wound at expediting a different take the EverQuest equation, and all that we've seen so far has been staggeringly encouraging. Astutely beginning with a laser concentrate on their center goals of kinship and investigation over mission crushing and solo trips, Pantheon may simply end up finding the atomic group of onlookers that made EverQuest a commonly recognized name in the late 90s.


Camelot Unchained

It's been quite a while really taking shape, yet Mark Jacobs reconsidering of the Dark Age of Camelot formula is on focus for open testing in 2018. Might we venture to state, it could even advance toward "dispatch"? That one, just the general population at City State Entertainment know the response to, yet every little refresh demonstrates to us that the three-group diversion is turning out to be something uncommon. The measure of CU's fights could be something stunning. We can hardly wait to at long last play it ourselves, and expectation it makes a propitious introduction.

Ashes of Creation

Every one of the 10 of these are on the whole essentially neck and neck for "Most Wanted" in 2018. AoC makes the rundown with a proviso given the crazy level of buildup encompassing its objectives and thoughts in that it's that a 2018 full dispatch isn't likely. Be that as it may, in simply one more a month and a half or so we'll all be perceiving how it feels to play in Intrepid's reality as the Alpha 0 test will go live and players are required to impart their encounters to streams, recordings, and that's just the beginning.


Crowfall, the Throne War Simulator, has been making a wide margin in its current advancement refreshes. With a madly profound making framework, your very own kingdoms to run, an endless arrangement of wars to contend in, and close perpetual movement for the amusement's numerous prime examples, in addition to serious attack fighting over everything imply that Crowfall could end up noticeably a hit MMORPG, as well as potentially an unexpected hit on Twitch – something any new MMO needs to go for in the event that it needs to pick up reputation (simply ask PLAYERUNKNOWN). This is an amusement worked by a group of capable MMO fans, drove by visionaries who've made a portion of the class' best-adored diversions. We're cheerful for Crowfall, as we are on the whole diversions on this rundown.


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Details on MapleStory update v.190 have been revealed. Title Nova: Liberation of Cadena, the update adds a new close combat character that specializes in fighting with chains: Cadena. Cadena uses thief equipment and luck to get along, all while preparing herself to take on Magnus, the attacker of the Heliseum royal family. In addition to the chain, which she can even use to maneuver, she has the ability to master other weapons, such as the shotgun or a spiked bat.

In addition to the new character, the update adds 5th Job skills for all character categories. These include Ethereal Form for the Magicians, which allows them to move to another dimension to avoid damage, and the Pirate Overdrive Skill that allows them to gain a higher attack. Even Cadena gets the Chain Arts: Fury, a skill that gives her the ability to use a giant chain to strike several enemies at once.

And, as always, there are quality of life and other changes — including events. Players can check all of these out on the maplestory private server.

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The latest entry into the MU franchise — MU Legend — has officially entered Open Beta testing. Since the open beta is the last step before launch, Webzen has announced that players can expect their game data (including characters, purchases, items, and more) to be retained into the final release.

Despite just entering Open Beta, the MU Legend team has stated that there are already expansions in the works. Updates and extensions will be rolled out regularly. The first of these will be a 3v3 combat feature that will arrive before the end of the year.

In addition, Webzen noted that players who participated in the previous tests will be receiving their special titles on November 14. For more information on the OBT, or to download the game, head to the MU Legend

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Blizzard, the maker of the popular StarCraft franchise, announced that it would make StarCraft II 'free to play' starting 14 November. The studio announced this major development at its 11th annual BlizzCon conference on 3 November 2017 and 4 November 2017.

Starcraft 2 is military real-time strategy game was launched more than seven years back in 2010 but still enjoys a strong following worldwide including the game's multiplayer community. The free-to-play model here allows players waiting to experience the game, access to the original "Wings of Liberty" single-player campaign as well as earn full access to the popular ranked multiplayer mode.

Current StarCraft II players who have already purchased the first installment of the game's single-player campaign will gain free access to its second campaign titled, 'Heart of the Swamp'. However, this access will only be available until 8 December.

As mentioned on the blog, Blizzard will also allow users free access to every Co-op Commander up to level five with three Co-op Commander characters including Raynor, Kerrigan and Artanis to be completely free.

According to a report by The Verge, this is not the first time that Blizzard has gone on to make an older game 'free-to-play'. Earlier this year, Blizzard declared StarCraft, its 19-year-old original and its expansion 'Brood War' free for downloading from the game's official website.

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