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Wow private servers

World of warcraft top 100, best free wow private servers from all versions, starting from vanilla till new wow legion servers. Check server status and population we list wow private servers by popularity and votes IN, sort wow servers by game version and type!

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Cataclysm 4.0.6 up to 4.3.3 connections, Instant 60 free T2, proffesional gaming, daily fixes, great stability, working queste/raids/spells/talents. Join us now
Mists of Pandaria Legion 1.12 1.12.1 2.4.3 3.3.5 3.3.5a 4.0.6 4.3.4 5.0.5 Arcemu Arenas Battlegrounds Bounty Hunter Classic Dungeons Instant Level Mangos Scripted Transmogrifier