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Pentagrams and Errtels

Hi everyone this is a guide for Pentagrams and placing errtels correctly to prevent any incidents of making both of the items as invalid. I decided to make it because some players are not familiar with it and tends to be confused on how it works. Basically pentagrams can appear as :


1. Iron shield Wall of Lorencia Knights

2. Hero Elixer

3. Gladiator's Dagger

4. Kundun's Madness Blade

5. Stronghold of the Empire Guardians

6. Ancient Icarus Scroll

7. Arca's Prophecy

8. Antonia's Sword

9. Kundun's Seal Scroll

10. Scroll of Etramu 

11. Murern's Book of Magic


They will at least have a minimum of 1 slot to put your errtel in and a trade limit of 5. To increase the trade limit you need Tradable Seal but currently we do not have it now. 


There are total of 5 slots:


1. Anger

2. Blessing

3. Integrity

4. Divinity

5. Gale (Rank 5 option +10 with debuff skill)


There are total of 5 elements: 


1. Wind

2. Fire

3. Earth

4. Water

5. Darkness


Every element have their own debuff skills (Only for Errtel of Gale FO )


1. Wind : Will reduce half of opponent's HP

2. Fire: SD Reduced to half

3. Earth: Attack speed reduced to half

4. Water: Mana reduced to half

5. Darkness: Stun effect which disables opponent's movement


Pentagrams and items listed below could be hunted in Acheron, the entrance is located at Noria ( 196,112 ); NPC : Captain Slough. You will need a spirit map to enter. To obtain spirit map you need to combine 5 Spirit Map Fragments.


If you want to craft Mithril this are the steps you need to follow:

There are total of 2 combinations you could use :


1. Mithril Fragment bunch x 1 ( 5 fragments to combine into 1)

2. Jewel of Chaos X1



1. Pentagram (element you needed) x 1

2. Jewel of Harmony x 1


After which you will need a frame or Elixer to be specific to slot in the Mithril

The steps are: 

1. Elixer Fragment Bunch x 1 ( 5 fragments to combine into 1 )

2. Jewel of Chaos x 1


Lastly just combine it like sockets [The same idea] 

The steps are:

1. Mithril x 1

2. Elixer x 1

3. Jewel of Bless x 1


Afterwhich you will obtained an Errtel in random and may have the chance to fail too. 


If you want level up your errtel follow this steps:

1. Errtel x 1

2. Jewel Combination Frame x 1

3. Jewel of Bless 


If you want to Rank up follow this steps:

1. Errtel x 1 (Active Rank at least +7)

2. Spirit Powder x 1

3. Jewel of Bless x 1

4. Jewel of Soul x 1

5. Set item +7 or more, additional options + 4 or more


So that's it. Watch the video below on how to place your Errtel in the pentagram.


Hope you understand more on how pentagrams and Errtels work. Thanks for reading.