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Fiesta online

Fiesta is a MMORPG published and hosted by gamigo AG. Fiesta features an anime style characters rendered in 3D

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Nostalgic Gameplay || Japan (HK) files || Cheat Engine Protection || Cap: 105 || EXP rates: Medium || Custom events (scripted), job changes, skills, items, instances and game mechanics || Custom in-game "Fragment" currency from Daily Quest || Randomi...
[Lv.125][CRUSADER][Exp 850%][Drop 100%][+10][Pagels Invasion][Town Battle System+][No Buggers!][No Laggs!][Awesome Gamedesign][You can PAY OR PLAY to WIN!]
Falou Fiesta Online private server with 125Cap, EXPx300, DROPx300, No OP CS, English, 13Bosses, 100%Uprate, +12Weapons, +10Armor, Custom KQ's, Cen System, Experienced Staff, DDos Protected, 800+ online players daily, Shops enabled on all maps.
Verya Fiesta Online is an private server that are based on Odin files, amazing gameplay, new maps, new features, one of them is partybot system active, maximal lvl 105, PvParena, active team, crafing system is custom, DDoS Protection. Join now
Online since 2012 | Play 2 win | Medium EXP/Drop | Balanced PvE & PvP | Reliable & Populated | Token system: lots of quests for rare items | Fair Donatorshop | Tons of costume items | Lots of new useful skills | Equal PvP system | Weekly events | Car...
Kasus Fiesta Online, English/Deutscher language server, maxim level 125, Mid rates, new maps, items and dungeon, Classes are balanced, nice staff, Protection antihack, dedicated root server, new costumes, daily events, new quests, PvP - PvE zones. Jo...