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Minecraft Servers

Best Minecraft servers topsite! We are the top online source for those looking to get the best servers for free! We have the #1 trusted list of the most popular and top servers for those that are looking to take their game to the next level. We also have several different server types for all types of game plays including minecraft mmo servers, survival servers and minecraft store mode servers! All our servers are free and always updated to ensure that we have the latest and most new mmo minecraft servers available online! Registration is always free and once registered you will then have access to all your favorite and most popular mmo games and more! You can trust that our servers are safe and private so you wont have any issues when playing. Simply scroll down the page until you find the right server for your needs. You can also search for custom servers or search based on which version or type of server you need. We have a vast list of servers for everyone, whether you are running version 1.0 or the latest version 1.3. You can also sort through the list by selecting the type of server and game you wish to play. Each of our servers also includes reviews, visits and votes so you can see which is the best server suited for you!

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50 Best servers

IP: PLAY.SKAIA.US Why should you join SkaiaCraft, over the 10,000 other Faction servers? Starter Kits: /kits tools and /kits member (requires Member rank) OverPowered items Hacking allowed Relaxed, non-toxic community More places to spawn in m...
1.8 1.9 1.9.4 1.10 1.10.1 1.11 1.11.2 1.12 1.11.1 1.9.1 Cracked Factions Minigames Hunger Games Skyblock 1v1 Skywars Kit PvP TNTRun Adventure 
minecraft server runned by Youtubers with a goal to grow the server to greats. We have lots of game mods most you must have seen on other MC server however we have two Game mods you have to come see for yourself SERVER IP:
Server IP: Is lifecraftservers:25565, Spawn, Shop, Plugin: GroupManager, AntiCheat, AntiXray, Essentials, Permissions, WorldEdit, WorldGuard! New minecraft prison servers, survival and faction server comming soon! Join The Server and Have Fun- Your a...
1.11.2 Pixelmon Zombie 
Bukkit 191 24/7 Online CUSTOM BLOCKS AND ITEMS, MODDED SERVER, SMP, Anti-Grief, Warps, Nether, No Whitelist, Teamspeak, Active Staff and Players, Quad Quad Core 240GHz, 32GB RAM, Many mods/plugins Lots of fun Join Now IP:
1.9.x 1.9.4 1.9.3 1.9.2 1.9.1 1.9 4Fun 1v1 1vs1 Abilities Achievements AcidIsland Action Adult Adventure Agario 
Pokemon Minecraft - Pixelmon Mod 2.5.2 - Online 24/7 - 200+ Slots - Survival - No PVP - Grief Protection - Free Items - Regular Events - Economy/Auctions - Great Community - Mature Staff - Always Upgrading - and much more!
Minecraft english server
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Cracked Clients Works - 1.6.4 - 24/7 - PvP Arena - Forums - Great Community - Factions - Economy Based - XenForo Forum - Top Server - Loyal Members - Dedicated Members - 20+ Plugins - Voting System - Active Staff - Active Members
AmericusCraft is a free minecraft survival server. Server is running version 1.7.2. Free to join. Build anything you can think of.
1.8 1v1 Arena Op prison 
Server IP: LegendzCraft is part of Legendz Network. FREE to join. LegendzCraft is open for BETA. Please visit our forum to add suggestion and bugs etc... Forum Powered by vBulletin 5
Are you a fan of Sid Meier's Civilization games? CivCraft is a game that allows you to create your own Civilizations
13 is back on track, come in!
Minecraft - Top Server. Best Minecraft Server 1.7.2.
MuPeace Real Season 8 Episode 2,Exp: 99999x, Pandora jewel mining, Off-trade with jewels, full working events, Arka war, Party Search, Premium Files 24/7 Online, New Server, join and be a part for new community x9999- 23 October x100- 14 November x10...
16w07a PVP 1vs1 Achievements AcidIsland Anime Arena Buycraft RPG Ranks 
The UniVoid is a work-in-progress server that mainly focuses on towny, but also includes SkyBlock, Creative and MiniGames and plans to bring more and more games to the server!
1.12.2 Hub PvP Towny Survival MiniGames Skyblock Creative 
17 | 1.5 | PvP/Survival | 50 slots | PvP Ranks | Jobs | Shop | Forum | Factions | Arenas
Strong running server. Best hosting 100% online. Come visit our website and get more info.