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Mu online mobile, mu origin private servers

Mu online private mobile servers, based on mu origin original server! Real-Time Mobile MMORPG, fast paced easy leveling, automatic quest system, new character summoner, new events: Cry Wolf Battle, Soul Gem, Dice Hunter, Server Dungeon Cry Wolf ,12 Tier Equipment Update, New Pet - Golden Monkey and Famous Dog, Endless Tower, Bonus System

50 Best servers

Tired of PC Version? Play 5 Races and start with VIP 12 | 20 millions bound diamonds | 1 billion gold lock | Free Wing +15 on diamond bound shop | Free Wing , Fashion , Pet VIP| Free 4 pets full options | Free GIFT CODES daily | Supports iOS , Andr...
3.0 PVP PVM 
Mu Mobile Europe, origin game style server with 2.6 Version, with summoner! Exp from monsters x2, Start With Vip Level 2, 5 Character classes, Achievement System, Daily Tasks, Elf Pet System, Resource Territory, Soul System, Fashion Wardrove, Ancie...
2.6 Summoner PVP PVE 
Join the fastest growing MU Online game on mobile phones with the newest version 6.0 Riding Pet version . Starting Bound Diamonds 100,000,000 - Starting Gold Lock: 100,000,000 - Start With VIP Level 9- FREE 10 Unbound Dias every 30 minutes of playin...
6 PVP 
Original mu online origin server for mobile, android, ios! Get game from App store, or Play Store. 100% MMORPG, 100% Real Time! Battle your way through thousands of players together now!
official 1.9.3 usa PVP PVE pay 2 win 
Non-Reset Max Level 999 Point/level 100 Ex 999
Experience Rates: Normal Exp: x5000 Reset Level: 400 Reset Limit: 9999 Reset Stats burns - bonus 500 stat points per reset Grand Resets: 200 Grant Reset Reward: 5000 Credits Grand Reset Stats Burns - with 500 bonus points
Ver: 1.04D Season 6+ EP3 WEB: NatureMu . Com (Unir los espacios ) Exp: 200x ~ 10x Dinamica. Drop: 40% Max Level: 400 Max Master Level: 200 MosterHP 75% Master exp: 50x Reset: 400 - 350 Puntos por reset - 10.000.000 Zen. Jewels of Soul +luck= 75% Jew...
Season 6 Episode 3 Premium 
MuStorm Online Season 3 Episode 1 ULTRA Exp x100 Drop x300 All Events is Works 100% New Interface New Performance Just For You!!! More Prise and Some More Grand Reset Prise 30.000 We Are You For You.
Season 3 Episode 1 Mu Online 
- Mobile version for Android - Mobile version for Bluestacks - New job Summoner available - Married available - PK statue available - Free diamonds - Free VIP - New loot system - Everything new for you to discover !!
2.7 Mu Online 
Versão: Season 6 Experiência: 450x / 10x Clássico - Sem venda de itens Reset: Pontuativo / Tabelado Pontos por Stats : Build Eventos personalizados Sistema de Auto Reconnect